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With a range of home sites on offer, this is country living at its best.


Living in the country definitely has its advantages. For one, you’re not plagued by the stresses that come along with living in increasingly congested urban areas. You also have a real chance at reconnecting with nature.

Byford West Private Estate offers just that. Nestled within the leafy foothills of the Darling Ranges, this estate is perfect for homeowners who want to appreciate all of the untouched beauty that Mother Nature has to offer.

However, because we have become so accustomed to the conveniences provided by the model world, we know that we cannot go without them for too long. Luckily, this private estate is just 15 minutes away from bustle and convenience of nearby Cockburn. Don’t choose between comfort and country, you can have it both with Byford West Private Estate.

There is a vast range of lots to choose from, all of which are just waiting for you create your dream house. Whether you’re starting a family, extending your family, or even scaling down, you’ll definitely find the right homesite to make your own.

The estate also provides homeowners with an affordable way to get into this exciting new community in the south-eastern corridor. Even if you’re not planning on living in the estate, it is still a wonderful investment opportunity. The area is definitely becoming more popular as time goes on, which means that you should take advantage of this fantastic opportunity as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about the process of acquiring your brand-new homesite, simply contact our expert sales team. They’ll be glad to help!

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For further information please call:

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