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House & Land Packages


House and Land packages throughout Perth, Western Australia.


D.J.MacCormick Property Group offer quality house and land packages across Perth in alliance with Australian builders. Our expert team of engineers, consultants and contractors who handle the development of the land, roads and parks ensure that our estates are designed and constructed to bring you fully serviced lots ready for your home. Most of our current blocks of land for sale are titled lots and can be viewed within the development.


House and Land packages are becoming an increasingly popular way to find your perfect home on the ideal sized block of land. Many builders are now incorporating bonus inclusions into their packages so your home is ready for living as soon as you move in.


Benefits of our House and Land Packages

  • Time: Buying house and land will mean an extended period of time before settlement. This gives you the advantage of having time to get your finances in order and save more before settlement. You have already secured your investment at today’s market price, now you have the time to get finance for settlement.

  • Stamp duty savings: With house and land packages you save on stamp duty as you are only paying stamp duty on the value of the land.

  • Convenience: The house has been designed and the land has been developed - the only thing left is your personal touches and you're ready to build!


Browse through our range of options to secure the perfect place for your dream investment by selecting your estate in the orange box.


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